Engine Setup & Components

The NITRO is designed to take all of your Yamaha Superjet components (1996-2007). Your Superjet engine and driveline will all fit into the hull’s fittings.

We have kept the engine compartment as open as possible to make working on the ski a breeze.

Your engine can be mounted in multiple positions to allow the user to fine tune the ride of the ski. The use of extended drive couplers and mid shafts will allow you to make use of these different mountings.

Nitro engine bay yamaha superjet 62t dasa rickter.JPG


The NITRO handlepole bracket will take any handlepole with Yamaha spaced bushes and Yamaha pole bolt. This includes RRP, ATP, Blowsion and many more. Our pole bracket is designed to be as light and as strong as possible. It also utilises dual breather tubes. Together with hood breathers, this allows for maximum air intake for your motor. For smaller engines and freeriders, the handlepole tubes provide more than sufficient air flow and keep water ingestion to a minimum. For fire breathing 1200 motors, use all of the hood air intakes for maximum power.

Our pole bracket has built in hood catchs which are compatible with your Yamaha Superjet hood forks, or billet alternative.

Your OEM Yamaha hood catch and latch will fit effortlessly into the pre drilled holes.