Footholds & Tray

The NITRO uses our own adjustable foothold system. Customise yours for any freestyle, freeride or recreational setup. Our footholds have been designed to be much stronger than competitor products.

Yet another drawback to most flat water freestyle hulls – most have a short tray area with no room for riding in surf stance, leaving you uncomfortable and unstable on big surf rides. NITRO has plenty of tray room for any stance you want to ride in. We also have pre fitted inserts in the tray for footstraps in both stances, to keep you freeriders happy.

NiTRO tray footholds 1 small.jpg

The footholds are tilted down to lift the rider’s heels. This allows for a much more comfortable riding position and eliminates the need for dangerous ‘heel locks’.

As standard, each ski comes with plus 15mm underpadding in the tray area, to cushion those big landings. 

Each ski comes fitted as standard with the best in the industry matting – HYDRO TURF. Select your colours when ordering. Standard colours are black as pictured.

NITRO C-1 Visual Carbon comes as standard with a hollow tray area. This means no foam filling resulting in a hugely efficient draining system allowing you to keep the ski as light as possible at all times. NITRO C-1 can be ordered with foam filling for riders wanting extra bouyancy in the surf.

NITRO F-1 Fibreglass comes as standard with our own through hull drain system and special non absorbent foam filling.