How does NITRO ride?

In short - however you want it to. Every detail has been fine tuned to bring you only the best. Over the years, DJR has ridden, built or worked on almost every ski imaginable. Testing all of the current market offerings gave us the vision to take NITRO to the next level.

Take your NITRO out for a flat water day at the local lake, thrash your flatwater competition, take a quick dash to the coast on a calm day, or transform it into a battle-ready surf machine. 

No Sponsons - PF Rideplate

The NITRO hull, with no sponsons combined with PF rideplate is a hardcore, pro freestyle machine that will outperform almost anything else on the market today. It spins, flips and rolls faster than anything we have ever ridden, leaving it down to you, the rider, to tame the beast and unleash it's maximum potential. 

Don’t let this intimidate you. Unlike many pro freestyle hulls, NITRO does not ride nose high and is surprisingly stable. Our bottom deck is designed to make those big landings effortless, but at the same time have the agility to ‘let go’ when you hit the gas and want to get airborne.

NITRO responds fantastically from 701cc stock setups with 144 standard pumps, to competition 1200cc and huge 165mm pumps.

Adding Bolt-Ons

Unlike other hulls on the market, our sponons are no afterthought. Instead of only widening the front half of the ski our bolt-ons widen the entire underneath side of the ski, transforming the way it rides.

At the other end of the scale, add the FR bolt on, surf fins and FR rideplate and the result is a longer, more stable and grippy surf hull ready to fight the waves with you. All of this together offers you countless combinations and ultimate flexibility.

As NITRO and our bolt ons have been entirely designed on CAD and created by CNC, they fit one another seamlessly. Say goodbye to poorly fitted sponsons!