Our elite group of riders consists of multiple British and European Champions, this enables us to perform a display of definitive world class. We always offer a tailored and fully choreographed performance consisting of every trick in the book. After warming up the crowds with submarines and fountains, we demonstrate technical excellence by landing 15 foot high back flips, barrel rolls, 360 and 540 degree spins, certain to dazzle and amaze.

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A true site to behold. Our riders can perform some of the biggest flatwater backflips in the world, soaring up to 15 foot from their own wake. This can be linked into combination backflips of more than 10 consecutive flips. With the addition of large boat wakes, our riders can easily reach heights of 30 foot.


Barrel Roll

A technical trick to perform, our riders can complete some of the largest, most stylish, and challenging barrel roll combination tricks that exist. Ranging from no hands, one footed, and landing up to 10 barrel rolls in a row.

180 Aerial Spin
A great aerial stunt. This gets our crowds pumped up and demonstrates the smooth skill set of our riders as they rotate effortlessly.

360 or 540 Aerial Spin
A full 540 degree spin in the air, this  can then be linked to backflips and more aerial manoeuvres. Only the best riders in the world can complete this move.


The Submarine
Probably the most popular and frequently requested stunt from the crowd. The rider plunges straight down into the water and re-emerges a few seconds later. Some of our riders can even emerge from the water facing the opposite direction that they entered it, which warrants applause that will rock any venue.

The Fountain
An enormous jet of water sent up into the air. This is made extra special when several riders perform this, synchronised perfectly.