Layups & Construction

Each hull is hand built in-house using vacuum infusion with the highest quality of cloths and core structures, which provides the ultimate strength and rigidity.

Custom layups can be specially ordered for extra lightweight, extra strength, hybrids and more. 

Unlike our competitors, ALL of our carbon hull models come as standard with a visual carbon finish. Who doesn’t like carbon, right? We are the only hull manufacturer to offer this.

Unique feature - our visual carbon hulls (NITRO C-1) do not require gel coat or clear coat to give a glossy finish. Hundreds of hours were spent creating our masters and moulds to produce the highest quality finish on our hulls. As a result, the finish you see is exactly what we see, straight from the mould. After post curing and a quick hand polish, its ready to go. Why is this good? Gel coats and paints are typically the weakest point of a ski and quickly crack on the surface. They are used as a quick route to a clean finish & often hide messy, unprofessional layups. Our finish is purely carbon fibre and resin making it super strong, far more resistant to damage and harder wearing. No other manufacturer offers this.

During development of our hull, DJR & NITRO have partnered with one of the UK’s leading carbon fibre developers who have personally created our entire production process for the NITRO hull. As a result our finished product is built to the highest quality standard.