Layups & Construction

The fibreglass model (NITRO F-1) is naturally heavier than the carbon model, but equally as strong. Other than layup material, the hulls are exactly the same. The weight of the F-1 is approximately 40kg for a bare hull.

The carbon NITRO (NITRO C-1) weighs in at around 20kg, which is as light as any hull on the market today. Each hull is hand built in-house using vacuum infusion with the highest quality of cloths and core structures, which provides the ultimate strength and rigidity.

Unlike our competitors, ALL of our carbon hull models come as standard with a visual carbon finish. Who doesn’t like carbon, right? We are the only hull manufacturer to offer this.

All of our fibreglass hulls come with a gloss white finish.

Still not happy? Tell us your exact requirements, and we will give you the perfect layup to match. Our freestyle & freeride experts are on hand throughout your hull selection process.

In search of the perfect layup and construction, DJR & NITRO have partnered with one of the UK’s leading carbon fibre developers who have personally created our entire production process for the NITRO hull. As a result our finished product is built to the highest quality standard.

To keep weight down, most flatwater freestyle hulls now have a completely hollow tray area. Sounds great, until you take on some water or nose in a big flip, and the ski starts going down never to be seen again. NITRO is filled with a super buoyant, light weight, nonabsorbent closed cell foam making them much harder to sink than rival hulls. Added buoyancy also adds to the hull’s ability to leap out of the water, which is exactly what you want it to do! That means, when your buddies go surf riding, your flat water freestyle boat is safe to go with you!

The Look & Graphics

Our graphics kit for the NITRO comes in a wide range of colours. Still not happy? Have our design department customise your colour scheme to achieve the perfect look. For added protection, we clear coat over your graphics making them permanent.