Limited Edition DJR Yamaha Superjet - Freestyle/Freeride Jetski (WHITE)

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Limited Edition DJR Yamaha Superjet - Freestyle/Freeride Jetski (WHITE)


After the success of our DJR WaveBlaster project, we wanted to rework the classic Yamaha Superjet which to this day is still the basic running platform and inspiration for almost all freestyle and freeride standup jetskis.

We have completely renovated 4 pre-2008 Yamaha Superjets to full freestyle & freeride spec. 

We will be showing off these one of a kind builds in a full demonstration video soon to show you what they are capable of, and to remind everyone of what a versatile, reliable and classic ski the Yamaha Superjet still remains in 2017, with some added magic from DJR Ltd.

We are currently working on a full build write up for these 4 Superjets to show the true extent of work that went into these stunning builds, check back for updates. 

Green, blue, red and silver graphics and detailing styles available. 

See our build write up here. 

Each ski comes with a 1 year warranty.

New Parts:


Footholds & hydroturf mats

Carbon Kevlar reinforcement

Lowered hood and nose cone

Blowsion hood seal

Pearl effect black paint job

DJR graphics kit

All billet bow eyes, bilge pump fittings and water bypasses



RRP handlepole

RRP ninja chinpad

DJR handlebars

ATP steering system

ATP throttle trigger

Yamaha steering cable

AM throttle cable

Blowsion lowered pole bracket

DJR hood straps

DJR pole limiter



Skat trak impeller

Blowsion pump cone

WSM replaceable wear ring

Worx scoop grate

701 industries steering nozzle

OEM Yamaha steering cable grommet


Engine & Driveline:

Dasa Racing billet girded cylinder head

Jetmaniac crankshaft OEM

Yamaha crank seals

Cylinders bored to 709cc

OEM spec pistons

Factory ‘B’ mod pipe

AM intermediate bearing housing

Blowsion billet drive couplers

AM high torque starter motor

AM Bendix drive


Fuel & Carb:

Rebuilt OEM 38mm Dual Carbs

Blowsion tornado air filters and adaptors

OEM Yamaha fuel tank

DJR jetting and specs



OEM Yamaha ignition coil

MSD ignition enhancer

OEM Yamaha E-Box front cover

OEM Yamaha E-Box seal

Battery DJR battery tray

Blowsion bilge switch

Bilge pump

Export price - £9250 (Valid VAT number required within the EU)

Price including VAT - £11,000.00

Please contact for international shipping options

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