NITRO Carbon NX1200 Pro Competition Edition - Complete Freestyle Jet Ski - Ready to ride

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nitro nx1200.png

NITRO Carbon NX1200 Pro Competition Edition - Complete Freestyle Jet Ski - Ready to ride


DJR Built NITRO NX1200 - Complete Freestyle Jetski - Ready to Ride

Pro Competition Series 

Leave your next build to the professionals.

Our formula for the perfect freestyle & freeride jet ski has been developed with over a decade of R & D. Simply choose your model, graphics style and colours and leave the rest to us. 

You can rest assured that your build will consist of only the best components, carefully selected to create the ultimate machine. 

All of our builds are assembled by our highly trained team, before heading down to our private test lake facility for tuning and refinement. 

What does all this mean? It means your ski arrives, you fill it up with fuel, and you can go and ride! Less time on the spanners, and more time on the water. 

We ship our skis anywhere in the world, safely in one of our hand built crates. 

All complete ski models come with the following parts as standard:

  • Nitro billet handlepole complete with DJR steering, handlebars and triggers and ODI grips
  • DJR billet drive couplers
  • All OEM Yamaha components
  • 1 year warranty – hour restrictions & services apply


  • Carbon NITRO hull only
  • DASA Racing +16mm 1200cc Stroker Billet Powervalve Engine including billet flywheel cover – NINJA Competition Edition motor
  • Setup for race or pump gas
  • Dual 50mm THRUST carburettors with billet intake manifold & V Force reed system
  • DJR/TNT pro exhaust system
  • DJR Octobox filtrated cooling system
  • Skat Trak 160mm setback billet magnum pump
  • Specially made skat trak impeller
  • DJR fat boy trim system
  • MSD Total loss ignition with lightened competition flywheel
  • 2 gallon fuel tank
  • Extensive setup and tuning

Price is excluding VAT at 20%.

Export outside of Europe will be zero rated for tax. 

Please contact us for export options, lead times and build slots. 

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