Jetski 2 Stroke Engine Oil 5L - FUCHS TITAN Marine (Replacement for Silkolene Aqua Comp)

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Jetski 2 Stroke Engine Oil 5L - FUCHS TITAN Marine (Replacement for Silkolene Aqua Comp)


High performance engine oil suitable for use in all 2-stroke jetskis including:

This acts as the direct replacement for the hugely popular Silkolene Aqua Comp and is almost identical in oil composition. 

Yamaha Superjet, Yamaha FX-1, Kawasaki 550, Kawasaki SXI, Kawasaki SXR800, Rickter, Polaris Octane and more. 

We run this oil in all of our performance standup jetskis, from basic Kawasaki 550cc to our competition 1200cc team rider engines. 

Fuchs Titan Marine Comp 2T 2 Stroke Engine Oil

Ultra High Performance Engine Oil for marine leisure 2-stroke engines, in accordance with the latest requirements of NMMA. 

TITAN MARINE TC-W3 is an ashless high performance marine 2-stroke lubricant for outboard engines.  TITAN MARINE TC-W3 was specially developed for the requirements of the most advanced 2-stroke marine outboards.  It ensures optimum performance and engine protection over the whole engine lifetime by preventing spark plug fouling and deposits in the combustion chamber and the exhaust gas after treatment system.  TITAN MARINE TC-W3 is also applicable for use in engines with oil direct injection systems. 

TITAN MARINE TC-W3 is especially developed for the use in high performance 2-stroke outboard and personal watercraft gasoline engines.  TITAN MARINE TC-W3 meets the latest requirements and exceeds the technical requirements of many popular engine manufacturers and offers a wide range of application.  The product is tested and approved according to the latest standards of NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association).  These requirements guarantee and achieve a good engine performance by minimising deposits and avoiding ignition plug problems. 

In order to fully utilise the product’s benefits, mixing with other engine oils should be avoided and a complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN MARINE TC-W3. 

Price is excluding VAT at 20%. 

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