Jet Ski Freestyle Trick List

Here is a selection of flatwater freestyle tricks. Try them, tick them off and master the sport!

We use this list when training our riders.

Feel free to contact us with more to add! 

Hood tricks (best on Yamaha Superjet 1996-2007)

Bulldog spin 180

Bulldog spin 360

Hood spin 180

Hood spin 360


Fountain shoot through

Kamakazi drive (from hood ride)

Monkey Jump (One of the hardest tricks to master)

Surf turn


Submarine underwater 180

Hood reverse ride

Hood reverse 180 spin

Aerial Tricks

Flat 180

Flat 180 to flip

Flat 360

Flat 360 into more flat 180 or 360 (timing on hitting the gas for second and third is key)

180 from wake 360 from wake (work on landing back end down first as its much softer and loads the ski for a combo follow up trick)

Backflip from wake

Backflip from idle

Double flip (from 180 to flip and from wake) (first flip must land nose first) (hardest part is to not pull too early on the second, third etc)

Barrel roll from wake

Barrel roll from no wake

One handed barrel roll & one hander lander barrel roll

One foot barrel roll (always land with foot back in foothold area)

No handed barrel roll & no hander lander

Scarecrow (no hands, one foot barrel roll)

One footed flip

Can flip

One handed flip

Spider flip (one hand one foot (opposite)

Flex flip (one hand one foot (same side and look back)

Combinations (spins to flips etc)

360 flair

180 flair

180 flair into flip

Sprung monkey