What's different about NITRO hulls?

When we set out to create the NITRO we wanted it to be the best product in every aspect possible. Here are just a few unique features about our hull:

  • 100% visual carbon finish

  • F-1 inspired,UV stable carbon finish for ultimate lightweight, strength and longevity (free of problematic gel coats and paint)

  • All parts oven baked/post cured in house

  • Standard weight approx 25kg (hull including all fittings, footholds, hydroturf, graphics, billet handlepole bracket, hood seal)

  • Bare hull weight (top & bottom deck unbonded - 16kg)

  • Hood weight approx 3kg

  • Hull length: 210cm

  • Hull width: 68cm

  • Unmatched CNC designed and made precision design for the ultimate look, maximum strength and ease of fitting components (perfectly symmetrical hull)

  • Laser aligned driveline

  • The highest quality of carbon fibre, core materials and components throughout the entire ski

  • Unique bottom deck design with 165mm pump tunnel, rocker, splash guard and other features

  • All carbon fibre piping for cooling lines, steering cable etc

  • Integrated hood hook system in pole bracket for larger hood opening

  • Unique hood fit for ultimate strength and fit

  • Unique ride - super stable for beginner riders with comfortable riding position but capable of the most hardcore freestyle tricks

  • Ride is easily customisable to suit your style by changing engine position, handlepole length, rideplate length & bolt ons

  • NITRO carbon adjustable foothold binding system

  • Unique hood breather system

  • Multiple engine mount positions

  • Pole bracket to accept most handlepoles (RRP, ATP, Pitch Components, Thrust etc)

  • Hydroturf matting for maximum grip and durability

The below finish is straight from our moulds, created with perfect vacuum infusion